6 business you can start with no money



To start business mostly  often you need 

An  investment as its traditional 

But now days there is alot business 

You can start with no investment 

And here we are talking about some of 

The most business you can start with no money

Here are 6 of them

1= web design 

Web design is the act working with a creative team or creative 

People to combine writing  an graphical element to create a message online 

For your customers.

2= copywritting 

Copywritting refers the writing words on a page 

That convert better. 

And  it's not only words it could be images, videos and all other stuffs 

Has copy as the underlying 

3=marketing agency 

Marketing agency Is a agency who works alongside your business to 

Drive traffic and generate leads through your website. 

Marketing agency looks at your goals as a business and then implement a 

Strategy based on  what your business wants to achieve 

4= video editing 

Video editing is to manipulating or rearranging  a recorded 

Video,  image and sounds to create a perfect video. 

5=content Creation 

Content creation is a creating content communication on

Media with your audience.  And that could be 

Video, images, writing blogs, gifts,  etc 

6=app developer 

App developer is a process for designing and building mobile applications 

For computers,  mobile phones,  and tablets. 

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