What is Amazon KDP



What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP is how authors 

publish their ebooks, 

paperbacks, and cover books to

 sell on Amazon 

If you're a writer this is for you 

You could actually go ahead
And publish your work and make money on it

Even if you don't know how to write or you're not good at writing you can 

Hire someone to write for and still you can make money 

You know Amazon is one of the most popular platforms they have so many 

People looking on Amazon every single day 

You can write every topic you are passionate about like whether you want to
write love books, healthy books, recipe books,  etc.

To begin all you need is 

Is to find certain keywords so you can ranking on that position 

And then you can make passive income 

And another benefits is that once you publish your book Amazon will do the 

Hard work for you. 

To publish books on Amazon KDP 

You need to set everything done like 

●books title 

● books cover 

● text book 

● book description 

● Categories and keywords for Amazon 

● your price 

● Author name 

To start on Amazon KDP publisher you don't need to invest a single dollar 

It's all free if you're a writer or you can Hire someone to write for you 

There is nothing in your way to become Amazon KDP publisher and make money

 On it. 

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