What is consulting everything you want to know about it.



What is consulting 

Consulting is a someone who provides 

export advice professionally .

Consulting is a giving solution to a problem to a business company's 

So the Consulting business service  has three different types 

The first is a strategy   

Which focus on finance and 

Leveling up a company's revenue. 

Second is managing consulting 

Managing consulting is who look over the work, operations 

And making things more efficiency.

Third is technology or IT consulting 

Is like implementing IT system or designing 

A specific app for a company. 

This three consulting types are the most common 

Types of  consulting 

So what consulting do 

Consulting will first presented with some sort of problem 

Like the company thier work on which is trying to figure out if they should 

Expend thier business with another country

First thing they could be doing is be qualitative research 

Like doing interview with the people in the organization 

Or it might be quantitative research , collecting data, 

From the client or from the third-party 

And using thier research they either come up with strategy 

To prevent to the client or solution that could 

Help them with that problem. 

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